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+44 GB - Country Code for Mobile Phones and Whatsapp
United Kingdom Codes UK - (+44) GB / GBR - Great Britain - Country Code for Mobile Phones, Telephone Calls, Whatsapp Messages and SMS. List of International Dial Code by City. Mobile Phone Companies.
(+44) United Kingdom Country Code. International Dial Code. Search by city. Find phone, address, and contacts
.UK and .GB are the country code for internet and national web sites
United Kingdom - UK - (+44) List of United Kingdom dialling codes
How to dial to UK? (+44) International Dial Code in the United Kingdom. List by Prefix and Service type
00 - International dialling
01 - Geographic area codes (introduced in 2000).
02 - New geographic area codes
03 - Non-geographic numbers charged at standard geographic area code rates (introduced 2007).
04 - Reserved
05 - Corporate numbering and VoIP services (some VoIP services use 08 or geographic numbers). Freephone (toll free) on 0500.
06 - Was reserved for possible use by personal numbering (PNS) instead of 070 following consumer confusion with mobile phones.
07 - Mobiles : Mostly for mobile phones on 071xx, 072xx, 073xx, 074xx, 075xx, 07624, 077xx, 078xx, and 079xx. Personal numbering on 070. Pagers on 076xx.
08 - Toll-free telephone number - Freephone and shared cost/special rates - Freephone (toll free) on 080, and Special Services (formerly known as local and national rate) on 084 and 087.
09 - Premium Rate services (PRS).
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Dial to phones in UK - United Kingdom (+44) - How to dial ?
Phone Number Change : Since 28 April 2001, almost all geographic numbers and most non-geographic numbers have 9 or 10 national (significant) numbers after the "0" trunk code. All mobile telephone numbers have 10 national (significant) numbers after the "0" trunk code. The overall structure of the UK's National Numbering Plan is
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Telephones United Kingdom
United Kingdom Phones
United Kingdom Phone
Codes : GB / GBR - Phone (+44)
Number Location
(020) xxxx xxxx London
(029) xxxx xxxx Cardiff
(0113) xxx xxxx Leeds
(0121) xxx xxxx Birmingham
(0116) xxx xxxx Leicester
(0131) xxx xxxx Edinburgh
(0161) xxx xxxx Manchester
(01223) xxxxxx Cambridge
(01382) xxxxxx Dundee
(01386) xxxxxx Evesham
(01935) xxxxxx Yeovil
(01865) xxxxxx Oxford
(01792) xxxxxx Swansea
(01204) xxxxx Bolton
(0153 96) xxxxx Sedbergh
(0169 77) xxxx Brampton
United Kingdom Code 44 - Dial Codes, Whatsapp and SMS Messages
Code United Kingdom Phones  - - List of Country and City Codes. Find phone numbers by company.
Internet GB Code for the Country gb
International 44 Code list by country and city. How to dial in United Kingdom
Phone 44 Find phone numbers and mobile companies
United Kingdom Code 2022
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